• What kind of services does Devine Care Plus provide?

    Devine Care Plus, is a licensed Nurse Registry referring professional caregivers to provide skilled and non-skilled in-home health services. Our nurses are: Professionally skilled nurse in multiple areas including wound care, Alzheimer, medication management, etc. Our certified nursing assistant and home health aides are proficient with assistance with ADL’s such as bathing/ shower visits, dressing, transferring, etc. Our Companion provide client needs basic supervision, social interaction, and companionship. Our Homemakers provide services at this level includes the same supervision and interaction as our companion, but also include basic homemaking skills. Our organization does not provide heavy housekeeping services, but are happy to do all of the tasks required on a daily or regular basis in order to keep the home safe, hygienic, and comfortable for the client. Both the Companion and Homemaker can make light meals and remind the client to take medication.

  • Is Devine Care Plus licensed?

    Yes Devine Care Plus LLC is registered agent authorized to operate by the State of Florida, Agency for Health Care Administration, Division of Health Quality Assurance. Registered to operate in the Counties of Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee, and Palm Beach, St. Lucie.

  • How does Devine Care Plus ensure that the personnel they are sending into a client's home can be trusted

    All personnel are interviewed and evaluated for their ability to provide the same quality of services we would want provided to our own family. That is really the bottom line for personnel selection. Of course, every applicant also has reference checks. Once an applicant is selected for hire, they receive an orientation and additional investigations are completed, including a state background check.

  • How do we set up services?

    A phone call to the office is all we need to initiate a referral. A care coordinator then set up an appointment with the client and/or family to go the home or care site to do an assessment. This allows the client to meet us, and also allows us to assess the layout of the environment, assure we know how to get there, and evaluate the client’s needs and personality to facilitate selection of the best possible staff member.

  • How much notice do you need before a service request?

    We try to meet the needs of our clients at all times, but our staff work as “PRN” (as needed), and so must be reached by phone to accept assignments. Most of the time, a day or so is ample notice, and we have often even been able to find someone within an hour or so when the need was an emergency. The bottom line is that we are willing to make every effort to care for our client’s individual needs, and we understand these are not always predictable.

  • Do you send the same personnel each time, or are there many different people?

    It is to everyone’s advantage to keep the number of different healthcare personnel for each case to a minimum. The healthcare personnel and clients are certainly more comfortable when they have been able to establish a relationship and routine, and frankly, it is easier for us to schedule on a regular rotation. We must, however, work with our healthcare personnel availability, and of course healthcare personnel do get sick or occasionally have emergencies of their own. We like to have at least two healthcare personnel members who know every client in order to be prepared for such instances, but the most important thing to us is our promise to guarantee that appropriate healthcare personnel will be provided – even if it must be a replacement person. One of the aspects of our service that many clients seem to like the most is that we never send a new person to knock on the door without an introduction. Even in short notice replacements, we will make arrangements so that the new person is introduced and oriented appropriately, with the least amount of inconvenience or concern on the part of the client and their family.

  • What if we don't like the person you send?

    We make every effort to match the skills and experience needed with those of our clients, and try very hard to send someone of a personality type that we think will fit the home atmosphere and preferences of the client. We don’t always get this right, and if we don’t, we are more than happy to send a different caregiver. We feel that it is very important for the caregiver and client to be comfortable with each other. This is often a stressful time for families, and having the right caregiver can sometimes make the transition from independence to the need for assistance less uncomfortable.

  • What if the scheduled person is ill and cannot come?

    Devine Care Plus offers “guaranteed dispatching" to our clients once services have been started. If we cannot find a suitable replacement from among our many other staff members, then the owner or supervisors will provide the care. We understand the need for dependability, and want our clients and their families to be able to count on us.

  • How do we pay once services begin?

    Credit Card payment is accepted. All billing is done electronically or by mail. There is never a need to give any money to any of our healthcare personnel. Initially, the itemized billing may be sent at the end of the first couple of weeks and then again in another few weeks. Once an ongoing schedule has been established, the billings are mailed at the beginning of each month for that month. This does not mean that you will pay for a service if you had to cancel a shift. We keep careful track of all services provided, and any unused services are either credited to the next month or refunded if services have ended.

  • Can your healthcare personnel assist with medications?

    Yes a Nurse will be happy to facilitate your request and assign the appropriate healthcare personnel. We can arrange for the appropriate dispatching.