Hiring the Best Home Care Services in Florida

At Devine Care Plus, we are committed to our best-in-class services to our customers by ensuring licensed and certified nurses. We let our customers speak for our services as we are also committed to offering them maximum satisfaction. We understand how important your loved ones are for you there; we make sure to give them the required attention when busy with your work. We offer different packages when we offer special care to enrich our customer’s experience. Adults and post-surgery patients require the most attention so, we offer certified nursing assistants at the comfort of your home with different plans at competitive pricing.

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We offer premium in-home care services and have trained professionals that take care of daily errands. We are associated with more than 52 insurance companies and accept most major carriers.

Reasons why you should hire us?

At Devine Care Plus, we are a trusted source for home health and personal care aides in Florida. We value our customers and understand the importance of their loved ones in their lives. Therefore, we make sure to offer you a certified care provider who has been verified. We offer different plans according to individuals’ interests, i.e., daily care packages, live-in certified assistants, etc. With our quality and specialized CNA services, we are trusted by hundreds of customers in the region and are the most recommended when looking for in-home care services.

Special Care packages:

Life is unpredictable and is uncertain; it can change at any time. Today we are so busy with our lives that sometimes it becomes challenging to give the required attention to elders at our home because of the workload. No one wants to separate from their loved ones, and most people prefer in-home services for elderly care or those recovering from surgery or diseases. We care for your loved ones as much as you do. Therefore, we make no mistakes when it comes to in-home care services. We make sure that our care providers are experienced and licensed and offer the best services providing you peace of mind when you leave home because you know someone is there to take care of your family member in need.

Pricing for different packages:

We make sure to offer the best in-home care services at competitive pricing. Our care provider is always at your service whenever you need them and are available daily. We offer 12- or 24-hour services depending on your preference. We make sure to provide the best services at competitive pricing. Visit our website to check for pricing.

Therefore, whenever you or anyone around you are in need and looking for respite care services in Boca Raton, FL, make sure to contact us. Our professionals will offer the care needed and ensure you by taking care of your loved ones.

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